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Useful web references about git I've been relying on:

Atlassian Git Tutorials

atlassian git workflow

An introduction to Git using visual guides to workflows and Git commands, with examples. Just excellent, simple and clear. Enlightening comparisons to svn.

For example:

git vs mercurial :

bitbucket documentation:

A Visual Git Reference

By Mark Lodato :

A very clear and useful one-page explanation, made of a series of diagrams.

Exemple: git diff

git diff ©Mark Lodato

Then we can see:

git diff : as a difference between the Stage (Index) and the Working Directory. Or, if nothing's been staged, equivalent to: git diff HEAD.

git diff --cached or git diff --staged: as a difference between the HEAD and the Stage (Index).

Creating such figures:

Mark Lodato used TeX, TikZ and PGF to create these figures. He made his framework available:

Github Training

git diff

A Successful Git Branching Model

Vincent Driessen :

One complete description of a possible workflow for a team working with git source control managment tool:

successful branching model

Another detailed description of this very workflow is provided by Atlassian:!workflow-gitflow

gitflow workflow

Official documentation

git diff

In particular:


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